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New Ideas, New Platform - Join the Party Today!

Cumberland Democrats have been hard at work building our party, surveying residents and together adopting a new platform to address the issues important to Cumberland. It is a great time to join the party to stay up to date on important issues and make sure your voice is heard in our government. Whether you just want to receive newsletters or become actively involved - sign up below!

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Making a Difference in Cumberland

Raising Hands


We believe that a strong public education system is the foundation on which we will build a stronger, more desirable community in which to live, work and visit

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Cumberland Democrats are committed to ensuring that meaningful services for seniors are provided in a manner that is easily accessible so that our seniors may remain in their homes longer with strong community support.

Business Meeting

Economic Development

Though a predominantly “bedroom” community, Cumberland is host to several large businesses and many small businesses. Cumberland Democrats stand in support of these business and will work to ensure they have the infrastructure and town services needed to be profitable, expand and grow.

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Public Works

Investment in strong public works services such as roads, water, sewers and maintenance of town parks is critical to the health of the town. The Cumberland Democratic Committee supports ccontinued investments in these assets at the most efficient cost to residents.

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Recreation and Open Space

Recreation opportunities for adults and children across town are a key part of the quality of life in town. Cumberland Democrats support facilities and activities spread across all areas of town.

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As a bedroom community, we believe Cumberland has a responsibility to ensure housing is available across the size and price spectrum; from citizens’ first homes to their last. The Cumberland Democratic Committee supports the creation of more medium sized home developments planned in a way that matches neighborhood character.

Police Cars

Public Safety

Cumberland residents strongly value overall public safety. Low crime, safe streets, professional EMS and dependable fire services are a cornerstone of our town; especially given our desire to a be a bedroom community.

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