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The Cumberland Democratic Town Committee believes in the importance of making strategic investments in our
town that will make Cumberland a very desirable bedroom community to metropolitan Providence and Boston.
A vibrant bedroom community requires our support of the following:

  1. A strong public education system that provides a foundation for a better life which is central to Cumberland’s ability to attract and retain its citizens;

  2. Enhancing our Senior Center to enable our senior citizens to have access to the services needed to remain in their homes safely;

  3. Creating an attractive business environment through a competitive tax, fee, and regulatory framework;

  4. Investing in public works so that our roads, sidewalks, water and sewer services, and open spaces are well maintained, safe and reliable;

  5. Supporting public safety with investments that continue to foster a safe and crime-free community;

  6. Developing recreation opportunities for adults and children; and

  7. Encouraging the development of affordable, high-quality housing that matches’ neighborhood character.

We hold these principles in common as members of the Cumberland Democratic Party and will work together, and
individually, to support our platform within our community and to assist Democratic candidates with similar
principles and goals.

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We believe that a strong public education system is the foundation on which we will build a stronger, more
desirable community in which to live, work and visit. A high-performing school system is an indicator of the
strength of our community and reflected in our property values. Most importantly, it is the vehicle by which we
prepare our youngest citizens to reach their dreams.

The Cumberland Democratic Committee believes all students should be taught to high academic standards as
outlined in the Common Core. Schools should have sufficient resources to provide programs and support to help
meet the needs of every child – from those who struggle to those who excel. We will hold our schools accountable
for raising achievement levels across all grades, student abilities, and schools.

The Cumberland Democratic Committee supports:

  1. A cooperative approach between the town government and school committee to achieve student success as
    measured by rising achievement scores, graduation rates, SAT and ACT scores, AP exams taken and passed, among
    other indicators. We believe that our elected officials have a responsibility to foster the ongoing development of a
    strong public education system – one that responds to the needs of a 21st-century economy. Our goal is for
    Cumberland High School to be consistently ranked in the top 5 statewide and all district schools to be performing
    within the top 25% of state performance as measured by Rhode Island Department of Education.

  2. Funding Cumberland schools in a way that enables school officials to provide the educational programs we expect from a leading high school and school district. A benchmark for this funding amount is for the Town and State to fully fund their respective shares of the core instructional amount as outlined in the statewide education funding formula. Cumberland Democrats support a multi-year plan to reach and maintain the Town’s local share of the Core Instructional Amount.

  3. Developing a long-term funding plan for the school district’s physical facilities, including athletic fields and outdoor play areas, to ensure all schools remain safe, healthy and engaging learning environments.

  4. Limiting charter school growth until the Town can meet its responsibility to fully fund its local share of the
    Core Instructional Amount. Cumberland already sends over 10% of students to charter schools offering a great deal of choice to some parents. However, this choice is diverting funds and limiting the ability of the larger school
    district to deliver on its core mission of academic success for all students.


Cumberland Democrats are committed to ensuring that meaningful services for seniors are provided in a manner
that is easily accessible so that our seniors may remain in their homes longer with strong community support. We
support state and local policies to protect and enhance social security, Medicare, and other vital supports to our

The Cumberland Democratic Committee supports:

  1. Strengthening the services offered through our Senior Center to assist seniors in achieving a lifestyle in which they can remain active and productive members of the community.

  2. Renovating or rebuilding our Senior Center to provide facilities necessary for a comprehensive program offering.

  3. Developing continued adult learning and enrichment opportunities through town government and non-profit

Economic Development

Though a predominantly “bedroom” community, Cumberland is host to several large businesses and many small
businesses. Cumberland Democrats stand in support of these business and will work to ensure they have the
infrastructure and town services needed to be profitable, expand and grow.

The Cumberland Democratic Committee supports:

  1. Developing a competitive tax, fee and regulatory environment to ensure Cumberland remains a destination for
    businesses compared to our neighboring communities.

  2. Enhancing town services, especially permitting and licensing, so that business can be conducted more
    efficiently and economically.

  3. Improving the town’s infrastructure and services such as roads, water, drainage and sewers to provide a strong
    environment for businesses to grow.

  4. Redeveloping the Broad Street corridor into an attractive downtown environment along with other key development corridors. This area should serve as an incubator for small businesses.

  5. Identifying public/private partnerships that will contribute to the growth of shops, restaurants, art galleries and other cultural elements in these areas.

  6. Working with the community to develop a consistent look and feel to Cumberland through signage, benches,
    sidewalks, flowers and trees that make Cumberland a destination for shoppers.

Public Works

Investment in strong public works services such as roads, water, sewers and maintenance of town parks is criticalto the health of the town. The Cumberland Democratic Committee supports continued investments in these assetsat the most efficient cost to residents.

Public Safety

Cumberland residents strongly value overall public safety. Low crime, safe streets, professional EMS and dependable fire services are a cornerstone of our town; especially given our desire to a be a bedroom community.

The Cumberland Democratic Committee supports:

  1. Ensuring our public safety departments receive proper support to provide top notch response times and professional service to the residents of the Town.

  2. Investing in 21st-century facilities for all public safety services. Our police, fire, and rescue buildings are significantly out-of- date and need significant renovations or replacement. Rather than a short-term approach, we support developing a long-term consolidated facilities and capital plan to ensure Cumberland Town property is maintained in the most long-term, cost-efficient manner. The plan must be developed before the start-up of additional projects to ensure the proper use of taxpayer dollars.

  3. Improving traffic safety across town, including traffic calming initiatives, for motorists and pedestrians.

Recreation and Open Space

Recreation opportunities for adults and children across town are a key part of the quality of life in town. Cumberland Democrats support facilities and activities spread across all areas of town.

The Cumberland Democratic Committee supports:

  1. Replacing the ski lodge at Diamond Hill to create new space for collaborative activities that leverage all of Diamond Hill Park.

  2. Expanding the use of Diamond Hill Park to create additional recreational, community and entertainment

  3. Supporting open space and land trust assets including promoting the extensive trail system.

  4. Expanding park and recreational activities, particularly in the Valley Falls area. We support developing additional basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and skate park fields and areas.

  5. Leveraging the Blackstone River to create additional commercial/community opportunities.


As a bedroom community, we believe Cumberland has a responsibility to ensure housing is available across thesize and price spectrum; from citizens’ first homes to their last. The Cumberland Democratic Committee supportsthe creation of more medium sized home developments planned in a way that matches neighborhood character.Too often, development only occurs for larger scale homes. We believe in creating housing opportunities thatenable young families with a hometown connection to Cumberland to have the ability to live in Cumberland inaffordable and right sized homes.

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